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Term Of Services

#1 General Use Of Program Terms

We are an advertising services. We do not guarantee fixed earnings for our members. Your gains from our program is solely on your own activities. By using our services you agree to not accuse us of your or someone else's loss. You can not insult any of our members and or program staff. Services are designed to meat everyones expectations but can not guarantee that.
You as a member can not harm program in any way, that includes, but not limited to spreading propaganda against any of our services or staff members, or trying to damage our source code in any way. Disobeying any of these or following services may lead to prosecution.

#2 You As a Member Agree

You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the suspension of all of them. This also applies to your payments processor(s) account(s) which must be unique and cannot be shared with another user. You can use multiple IP addresses to login. Logging in from proxies/VPN or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, cybercafés, etc.) is not allowed. We will not modify user account information based on user request. For security reasons, only the users can modify the data in their own accounts, directly in their personal settings page. Accounts are not transferable. You have a duty to keep your password secure. We shall not be made liable for any improper access to your account because of incorrect password management. Any attempt to manually or automatically reload/view pages intensively will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

#3 You As a Advertiser Agree To Follow Our Rules

We accept any kind of advertisement except for pages that have malicious code, redirect to another page, have adult or illegal content, contain any kind of multi-level offers, contain referral sales. We reserve the right to deny any advertisement that we do not see fit to be displayed.

#4 Payments

We accept Cryptocurrency payments. We accept few crypto coins, but we do make payouts to users wallet only via bitcoin currency.
Please note: All purchases are non refundable. But if you have not used any of freshly deposited funds, you are allowed to ask us to issue a refund of those funds back to your wallet. *Refund fees will apply.

#5 Program Liability

We will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to Our Program and therefore beyond our control. We reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time, including fees, special offers, benefits and rules, amongst others, and also reserves the right to cancel its services any time and without any notice. We will not be held responsible for any of its users, advertisers or advertisements. This also includes every supplier we depend on.

#6 Use Of Cookies

We use cookies to make our user experience better. We will not use any of your personal data in a inappropriate way.