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Barbarians are the real owners of these lands. You will fight them to prosper. Dont be fuled however, barbarians are no pushups, they will fight you till their last breath, so better be prepared.


Crusual element of this game. Without resources you are not able to progress. Be sure to keep your miner working constantly on getting more resources. You will need a lot.

Wars And Battles

That's where game becomes much more interesting for everyone. As more and more governors join, bigger and bigger battles will take place. High level commanders will become crusual to with them!

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Mine resources and Satoshis

Gathering or mining recourses can be long process, but you can speed it up by using buffs. This can make your recources collection much faster and progress within the game at the much higher speed. There are plenty battles waiting for you, but all that requires recourses.
You will be able to obtain these resources while fighting neutral game units, participating at game events and by holding resource structures. Be sure to not waste items as they are hard to get and you never know when you might need one urgently.

But the most fun will be Fighting Other Players!

Attack Onthers

Every governor build troops, but you can build more then them right? Great, now develop your commanders. You get two commanders, increase their levels, add special skills. Now you done all that, attack barbarians, or go for vigilante reputation and attack other players and their miners.
Attacking other players is very expensive on your hospital bills, but you can steal resources from attacked miners or cities. Dominate your kingdom, but remember, there are much bigger battles on the way, so dont forget to have friends too as you might need their help.

Defend Your Self

In this kingdom, you are in constant threat of being attacked by other governors. Be always prepared for that. Increase your army to max, research advanced technology to be more advanced on the battle field. Always send troops when mining for your miner not to be attacket. Be always prepared!
Time will come when you and your oponent will be equal and only your and his researches will have an edge on the battle field and will decide who will win. Dont sleep, MINE, BUILD, TRAIN, RESEARCH!