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Take Back Your Kingdom

It is time to take back our lands they took away from us. Help your kingdom to defeat against invaders. Be rewarded with real Bitcoins!

Defeat neutral game units to earn experience, rewards and very needed items.

Free Bitcoins
Play game to earn free bitcoins. This is The New Online Earning Era

Choose warrior path, conquer Kingdom to become a King The Mighty

Barbarians are neutral game units. We have plenty different type of neutral units. Playing MinersRevenge you will have option to discover, conquer and hold different structures which will credit your balances with so needed resources.clear

Free Bitcoins
Play Miners Revenge and earn bitcoin at the same time. Do something fun and receive benefits while doing so, what could be better. Exactly! We are changing online earning meta! We are sure many more programs will follow this futuristic view very soon. We will change History!clear

It is entertaining to grow your account, collect different items, basically grind your way up, but what then...? Then you are able to fight others in epic battles! Fight for resources, territory and rewards. Become the one to hold main sanctuary and become the King and set your own kingdom rules!clear

Rewarding Events
Constant events help players progress much faster. We run events daily!

FREE Bitcoins
Earn free Bitcoin with us while having fun fighting others members or conquering your Kingdom!

Content Creator?
Create content about us and receive commissions from every deposit for life!

Affiliates Rewards
To grow fast you need resources, invite friends and receive them free. Plus deposit commissions of 5%

Will You Take The Challenge?

World is a harsh place! Just the bravest warriors will survive!
Make sure you have what it takes to overcome all fears and doubts, because only then you will be strong enough to survive.

Welcome bonus waiting for you after you join. Resources are extremely valuable here.
That's why after registering you receive resources BONUS on us of a total value of 490,000 satoshis. Enjoy!


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Earnings Made Fun


Earnings Made Fun

We are same like you, we do love playing mobile and browser games. However playing games can be very time consuming and not all of us have all time in a world to play full time... Well, now you can. We did what we where searching for a long time, we combined game play and earnings in to one place. It is completely free for all and most important, it is extremely fun. With us you can play an entertaining and challenging browser game and earn free bitcoins while doing so. There is nothing stopping you from experiencing for your self, just register your new account and start earning free bitcoins while having a chance to participate in battles with your friends, or your enemies!

And Entertaining...

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