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26/Mar/2020 6 Month Working! Main Tasks! done_all

Greetings Governors.
Please put your swords for a minute to read latest development update.

First of all, we as probably You too, noticed server issues today which is resolved at the moment but... We are investigate why exactly that had happen and will do our best to prevent that from happening in future.

Main tasks are active now. This feature was long overdue, but we needed to build it in a way for it to be flexible and in case there will be new features implemented in future so that we could add tasks related to that on an appropriate difficulty level. Now thats that is done - main tasks are now active for everyone to complete and collect rewards.
Visit tasks page from left sticky menu, check what is required to complete it, navigate to needed page your self or click button which will lead there in most cases, complete task then return to task page again and collect rewards. Continue completing tasks till all them are done. Some tasks might not be directly related to game mode, like referring small amount of referrals, but is needed for our game to grow and with that we can relate it with the game module. At the moment there are 67 tasks available, we have added tasks up to an intermediate game level which is the biggest of our players, later we plan to add another 100 or so, after that add as needed when new stuff will get implemented. We suggest to visit main tasks every day at least to check in case you have completed a task.
If you feel that we missed some important aspect of the game and it would be good to add it as one of the tasks, let us know, we will be collecting that kind information and might add those game aspects to main tasks.
Please note that tasks are a little bit like tutorial, we want players to understand the game while completing tasks in some cases, second thing - that it is not possible to add some particular game aspects as they might be too complicated to check in relation to the task module we have build.

Second big announcement that we are working for almost 6 month now, paying and serving our players as good as we can. 6 month is not one year, but still, that is an achievement to us.
From 27th of March we have an event related to this occasion. It is few steps event where each stage require governors to complete different tasks and for that earn points and "Cake Slices".
While earning points, governors earn that stage points and total points at the same time, during each stage an rewards can be collected for that stage and during all the event time overall rewards can be collected from total points collected during all events, during every stage unlimited points can be collected, decide which stage is best for you and go full on to gain as much total points as you can. Stages can be seen by clicking every stage information.
At the end of stages, every governors will be able to donate Cake Slices to unlock more kingdom rewards. Donating Cake Slices will reward you with great items. Every governor from your kingdom can collect kingdom rewards depending on how much of those have been unlocked by donating Cake Slices not depending on personal input. Try collecting as many Cake Slices as possible during every stage.
During this special event an special event bundle will be available to purchase from value bundles page, dont miss it as this bundle will reward you with great items, event total points and Cake Slices.

We would like to say a Big Thank You to everyone of you, we really hope we will still be here for a lot more month and years serving you and bring best gaming experience, we know we still have a long way to become a great game, but we are pushing towards there, one day we will be there.
Best wishes from all miners revenge team!

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21/Mar/2020 Player Experience Improvement done_all

Greetings Governors.

As many of you already noticed the fast view mode has been implemented. At your main account you can now see main activities. We hope this will improve your experience and it will help you navigate much faster.
Please note that those are not live stats, they are updated once every few minutes and there might be some small timing gaps where you could be displayed that your building upgrade time is for example 10 minutes left and in reality it would be a little less. This information at your account is a memory data which is collected every few minutes and displayed to governors, it is done this way to save server resources as getting all correct information constantly can increase server load a lot and could cause performance issues. In fact we will be monitoring our servers for next few days to see if there is no big work load on servers what could follow by constant downtime's, but we hope system will handle requests and there will be no major issues.

Some results might be missing, but in few days system will normalize and all information should be displayed normally, information is collected when you do different actions so it could be displayed back to you, so the more you do, the faster all will be displayed to you correctly.

Regarding developments:
You noticed that we had slowed down a little with new stuff to the game, this was caused by no other then the same world wide issue, we have been effected by Corona virus and we still are, but we are trying to take all available measures to continue our development as fast as we possible can, but there is no get away, our works will stay a little bit slower then usual as we are too effected by virus. But again, you should not be discouraged in any way, we might slow down a little but as we did before, we will be introducing more and more entertainments for our players at a maximum speed possible no doubt.

Small update regarding future mightiest governor events: We will limit or completely remove points from resource buildings. Mightiest Governor event is meant to decide who is the most active and the most powerful governor of them all, and we believe that collecting hundreds of thousands of points just by collecting resources from resource buildings does not go along with this idea, mining and gathering with miner will stay the same as before, we will just limit in some way the points gained from resource buildings collections. Please do check resource stage description when new mightiest governor event will be active to get more information.

Coming back to main topic, if you notice something very strange, or find errors with the newest implementation please let us know so we could find and fix those errors, but don't rush, give couple days for details to normalize.

Hope this newest implementation will improve all of your experience with Miners Revenge World game.
All stay safe and healthy.
Best regards from all our team.

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