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    Advertisers Questions
  • How to advertise my own program here?
    Just register new account with us. Once you have logged in, please visit advertise section on the left menu and choose your favorite advertise way. Complete purchase and watch your results grow.
  • What are benefits of Banner Advert?
    Advertising banner is one of most efficient advertisement option. This is the best way to show your project to the world. It gets tens of thousands exposures and so this is proven to be most successful advertising option.
  • Can I see Banner Ad Stats?
    Yes. Once you have purchased banner advert you will be able to see its progress from the adverts stats page. You can access it via left members menu.
  • Various member questions
  • Whats minimum withdraw?
    Minimum amount you have to hold in your main balance in order to request withdraw is 1,000 satoshi. Please note that fee can be deducted if you chose so. Please check withdraw setting carefully before submitting form.
    In addition progressive minimum amount is active, that means that with every withdrawal your minimum withdraw will get increased by 1,000 satoshi up to a maximum of 10,000 satoshi.
  • Do I need deposit in order to cashout?
    NO! Absolutely no deposit or fresh money investment is requested from members. This is a free program and anyone with minimum or higher withdraw amount can request their funds. We are a free program. Please note that there are paid services but those services are an option and are not required to obtain.
  • Can My friend register?
    Yes, as long as he/she have their own computer or device and are registering from an unique IP address. We allow only one account per person, device. Please note any attempts to create more then one account will result in permanent all of your accounts termination!
    Program users related questions
  • What is referral?
    Referral is a member just like you who have register after viewing our website delivered to him by one of our already registered members. You can invite others to join our program and receive benefits from your own referrals. Every time your referral deposit funds, you receive 5% directly to your satoshis balance. More: When your referral progress in the game, you gain points. Points can be exchanged to ingame items. You select item your self, so you collect what you need most. We will be implementing more benefits for promoters. Soon you will receive in game resources when your referral achieves milestones.
  • What about Withdraw to my wallet?
    Yes, there is nothing more pleasant then receiving reward to your wallet for the activities you do. Once you reach 1,000 Satoshi you can request cashout. Our Cashout system is a bit different from what you have seen yet. Once at the withdraw page, chose how much fees you prepared to sacrifice in order to receive your funds to your wallet. More fees you set, the faster payment will arrive to your wallet. You can set 0% fee and will have to wait up to 11 days for your funds, or set 10% fee and receive your funds in 24 hours. After setting fees, set how much of your existing satoshis you want to withdraw and submit your request. Please don't ask us to speed up your process. All depend on your self, more fees you pay, faster your payment will be credited. Simple.
  • Can I deposit funds to spend here?
    Yes you can deposit funds to your to buy P Funds and spend on the things you want. We charge only 2% fee for depositing funds. We accept few popular coins.
  • Members Registration Questions
  • What is This?
    In general this is a faucet. But it had been re-build, re-designed and re-thinked completelly. What you are looking at is a browser game! War, Battle and Mining Game! Have fun with other governors and earn real satoshis by doing so.
  • What is Pin Number?
    Pin number is very important. Please note that it is not possible to change it or find it anywhere in your account info, only management know it, so be sure to save it somewhere safe. We mainly need your pin to verify your account in case of hack or if you will not be able to recover your account in any other way.
  • Should I enter my real details?
    It is important we have your real details for security reasons. You may be asked to prove who you are. This is very unlikely to happen, but we would advise our members to use real information. Your personal data is always safe and will never be sold or given to third parties.