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20/Feb/2020 Kingdom Map! Other Improvements! done_all

Hello Governors.

Kingdom map is implemented and ready to use.
Note: Some features are yet to be implemented and some additional improvements will be made.
Kingdom map is where alliances will be able to place alliance structures, take control of resource buildings, sanctuaries and The Lost Temple.
Controls are explained at the kingdom map page, but we will talk throw them briefly.
First of all, only alliance leaders and titled officers can place alliance structures on kingdom map.
In order to place alliance fortress and alliance towers, alliances will need to build them first. Once build, visit kingdom map, click structures button at the top of page, green blocks indicate where alliance structures can be placed. First time alliances will place alliance fortress, once alliance fortress is placed on a map, alliance towers can be placed. Note, that all alliance structures need to be connected and all alliance structures need to be connected to main alliance fortress. All structures that in future will get disconnected from alliance fortress will be inactive, that will be a case when alliance leader dismantle structure or other alliance destroy alliance tower somewhere in a line so all towers that are connected to fortress will stay active, all other towers will become inactive. Note, attacking other alliance structure's will be available in future, for now just building option is enabled.
Alliance members will see a lot of resource buildings on a map, in order to take control over them alliance tower need to be placed on top of resource structure. Some structures will be occupied by building alliance structures close and once alliance structures will be touching other structures, they will become attachable, once defeated, structure will be occupied by that alliance.
We understand it might get a little confusing that's why at the moment alliances can only place structures but not attack. Just play with controls, expand territory, occupy resource structures and when time comes and attacking will be activated, alliances will be able to fight for better placing and/or to occupy more territory. Some small details are still missing, we will be adding those in near future as we can not fully see how to do some things while there was no alliances structures on a map, once territory will get build up we will be able to better understand some features in order to implement them.

Special neutral buildings will be introduced later in a game which will be possible to occupy by alliances to gain bonus stats, like all alliance members defense, attack, gathering speed and so on.
Note! All game structures that are possible to occupy by alliance are able to take over by other alliances once other alliance structures are touching particular structure. A principle here is that if you want to attack something on a kingdom map your alliance structure need to touch other structure then your alliance can attack it.

Zone gates are on a map, but at the moment they are not attack-able. Once enabled, alliances will be able to occupy gates and get access to next zone. Better zones will provide great advantages one of which miner mining/gathering massive increase and bigger resources in mines, more better sanctuary's to occupy, but again, gates will not be open for some time still so don't concentrate building towards them yet, concentrate occupying as many of resource buildings as possible.

Sure everyone will notice middle structure, that once unlocked for attacks will be called The Lost Temple, it will be the hardest neutral unit on a map to occupy, trying alliance will need high technology and a lot of troops to defeat it, but once occupied, controlling alliance will become the one and only in a kingdom which will gain a lot of kingdom controlling power and big responsibility, alliance leader will be The King of your kingdom. King will have a lot of controlling power and will be able to grant big kingdom buffs that will effect all kingdom. That will be completed in future and there is still a long way to go to that...

Alliance resource structure now grants 10% of particular resource to alliance balance ( errors has been fixed ). Resources are credited to alliance when all resource structure completes or one of alliance members recall his/her miner from structure.

Alliance storage added! On this page alliance members can see how many resource structures are crediting alliance balances each hour. And in addition now all alliance members can collect 10% of all current alliance resources. That does not effect alliance resource balances, it is just a bonus to alliance members. Alliance members can collect this bonus one time per day at any time.

That's all news for now. Please visit your alliances and check new features.
If you find any errors please do let us know.

16/Feb/2020 System Update. done_all

Hello Governors.
This is short, but very important short system update information. Please read.

Since last update and last power event, we have received a lot of feedback from our governors regarding overall structures, troops healing resource pricing.
In relation to that, we have made some major resource pricing updates!
Please see following information:
Academy, Hospital, Armory upgrade resources needed has been reduced by from 50% to 70% ( different resources different reduction ) resources prices for those buildings upgrades are now much lower.
Power stats has been updated for Academy, Hospital, Armory, Resource buildings, Scout building and researches. Stats has been increased up to 10 times in some cases. Now you can see how much power next structure upgrade or research will add by hovering on upgrade/research button.
Now upgrading armory will reduce troop training cost by 2% per each level.
Upgrading hospital will reduce healing cost by 2% per each hospital level.
Troops healing cost has been reduced by about 50%.
In relation to healing cost reduction, maximum hospital capacity for higher levels has been adjusted.
Power event has been extended for another 5 days. With these new improvements it will be much easier to reach higher rewards.

Very important! - We will be giving compensation to members who has Armory and/or Hospital and/or Academy levels higher then 1, in other words for every level higher then 1 for mentioned buildings everyone will receive one time compensation in resources. To get compensation you just have to visit armory, or hospital, or academy building. Compensation will be automatically added to your balance. Every governor has to visit any of above structures page before tomorrows afternoon as only until then compensation will work! Again if you are reading this on a release date please visit this page
Don't be late, we will not be adding compensations who will not be able to collect it them self as there is more then 24 hours from announcement release to do that. It is nice chunk of resources depending on each structure level. The higher levels the bigger compensation. Again, please go collect your compensation if at least one of these buildings ( hospital, armory, academy ) is higher then level 1

In addition, members online data has been implemented to alliances, now alliance leaders and titled officers can see which of their alliance members are online and who have not checked alliance page for more then 5 days.

More updates coming very soon.
Keep conquering your kingdom governors.
Best regards.

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