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21/Nov/2019 Development. Referrals Event! done_all

Greetings mighty governors, put your swords a side for a minute to read latest updates.

Few new features implemented so first about that.
First offerwall installed, Medium Path offers wall. Link located at Left menu -> Other Menu -> M_Path
You will earn P Funds for completing various offers and viewing available adverts. Please note that we can not fully control offer wall output so sometimes you will see rewards in decimals, but they will be rounded before added, for example 1.4 will be rounded to 1 and/or 1.5 will become 2 and so on, please keep that in mind. It is our first wall, we will be looking in to more walls and once we have more all of them will be placed under new menu section designed for earnings as for now it is only one wall so we did not wanted to create more sections yet, but later when more walls get implemented we will separate them for faster navigation.

New Market addon installed. Link located at Left menu -> General -> Market
Each day secret merchant will visit market with new goods for offer, that's the best prices available yet, so don't miss him and check market every day for great deals. Merchant accepts P Funds or any other resources available, so goods can be purchased for P Funds or your collected resources like Corn, Wood, Stone, or Gold it depends on a merchant what he thinks he needs more.
Governors are able to reset merchant goods 3 times per day, so if you purchased everything and want more good offers, or you just don't like what he has to offer, just click reset merchant and new goods will be presented. Please note that resetting merchant good will cost P Funds, but the deals you can get are much more worth it then that small fee honestly.

Live Chat installed.
Now you can share your ideas, strategies, or just chat with your friends in our live chat in real time. This was long time needed feature and it is finally here. - Please do not share any promotional links, or contacts in chat, we will need to suspend or limit access to the ones that do -

Finally Affiliate event has been activated.
This is basically direct referrals contest as you probably are more familiar with contest concept. But, instead rewarding just top of the top promoters, here you just need to reach new referrals mark as per rewards requirements and every governor can collect rewards. So the main rewards are dependent just from your own efforts. In addition, for the top 3 promoters at the end of event, even more and bigger rewards will be available to collect. Please note that each of top 3 promoters will get only one mega reward depending on their overall place during event. For example if you took first place, you will be rewarded with one, the highest, mega reward along with all rewards that you will collect during event it self. Another important note, mega rewards will be unlocked once main event time finish and you will have 48 hours to collect that mega reward if you are the one of top 3. One final rule for top promoters: Mega rewards require you to have a minimum of 500 new direct referrals gained during event. We added this safety trigger just in case affiliate event will not get much interest and top promoters will win with little new referrals just because of no one else participating. Top rewards are really valuable and so we expect promoters to put some efforts for them, they are really worth it.

One of the reasons we launching affiliate event is that we almost done with basic features and we will soon start pushing big updates, like alliance and mini games and it will be much more fun when there is plenty governors competing with each other so we would like to have much more active governors playing Miners Revenge. Sure, we will try our best to keep activity growing by implementing more and more fun, entertaining and interactive features.

As a side note, we do understand that more earning options have to be implemented and we will, but we are trying to keep everyone here more for the game itself as game elements will make it much more profitable for everyone, we will be able to share more profit with everyone. Some ad networks are starting to limit access to faucets more and more, we want to stay in a part where we are most a game and faucet is just an addition. Please understand us correct, we will introduce more and more ways to earn, but we want to establish the game side much more first, this will benefit everyone. We actually hope that many faucets will follow this path and become much more then just faucets and make spending time on their program much more entertaining, this will force ad networks and overall picture about faucets, hopefully will bring them back to top category once more. Again, we will just repeat, we will add more and more earning options, we did not forget about that, for now just keep growing, keep conquering your kingdom and the good things will come naturally ;)

Thank you everyone for your continues interest in Miners Revenge World.
Best regards.

15/Nov/2019 Dev Updates done_all

Greetings Governors!
Short development update before weekend hits ;)

Attacking barbarians time has been reduced to just 10 minutes instead of 1 hour. This might change in future...
We would like to collect some data and see if this changes activity. We want to make Miners Revenge active game, so we will be researching and testing different way to achieve that more and more. Simple reason is to collect more revenues from advertising networks, the more we collect revenues, the more we can introduce ways for you to collect big part of that. In most case highest earnings will be for most active, or achieved ones, so always try your best. Talking about that we are thinking of implementing a day sponsor feature where someone could buy advertise module of some kind, we would constantly display that advert for our governors in not an intrusive way and give away most of revenues to every governor, but this is just an idea for now.
Just an insight to future, we are already building games where governors will be competing in real time and in multi interacting ways with each other and for winners great rewards will be credited. We might start introducing some games with just basics in order to start testing game functions and keep adding more and more interactions for same game but making it more and more fun and competitive until it would be fully complete, then a championship would be released with amazing rewards for champions. But that is in beta development yet and we will take some time to start introducing that for everyone. But again, try growing your power stats, specially battle stats, building more troops and so on, as those kind of games will involve fighting between governors.
Tasks added! For now we have enabled daily tasks only. Main game tasks will require a little time as we want to implement couple more features first, reason is that when completing main tasks you will start from smallest tasks and go to higher ones, like first we might require upgrading miner to level 2, or scouting your kingdom 10 times, later those tasks will get harder like upgrading your miner to level 15 for example and we just don't want to build something new and after a task of upgrading something to level 20 to have task that require doing something new to very low level, we want to have most main features before we enable main tasks. We can suggest to don't slow down pushing your stats as once main tasks will be enabled and for example your miner will be level 10 already, completing tasks to upgrade miner to level 2 will be auto completed and you will just collect rewards for those tasks that have been already lower level. In short, you will not loose nothing if you do things now, because once main tasks will be live, you will be able to just collect a bunch of rewards same day without doing nothing. We want to mention that there will be some tasks requiring you some specific actions like collecting some resources amount the same day, or train some amount of troops same day. We hope to activate main tasks this year.

Adjusted training troops module. Now you can chose how many troops you would like to train instead of needing to train maximum amount of troops each time. Choose amount to train, time and cost will get adjusted, then train desired amount. Please note that increment is by 10 troops. We have build our structure in anticipation of having separate troops in future, like infantry, cavalry and archers - each with different pluses and minuses, that's why when you train troops, we have to make sure you build each type troops even if that does not have any effect yet.

Scout building has been added. For now scout is just for scouting your kingdom for goods, but scout will get many more options in future. Upgrading scout building will give faster scouting time. Percentage of scouting time reduction can be seen at the scout building page, left menu -> constructions -> Scout B
Please take a look.

We have been working on code optimizations. Some has been done. Server has been upgraded too.
There should not be server downtime's any more we hope, but we will be monitoring performance and make further optimizations.

As always, we are constantly working on new features, you can be sure you will not be waiting for long for releases, have your attention on any new blog announcements always ;)

Best regards to everyone.
Miners Revenge World Staff

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